Dec 2012 Citizen Advisory Committee (CAC) editing of DRAFT I plan completed
Jan – March 2013 Public review of DRAFT II Plan
April – May 2013 DRAFT III to City / County Planning & Zoning Commission Public Hearings
Sep – Oct 2013 City Council and County Board of Supervisors Adoption
Sep 15, 2013 Deadline to print DRAFT IV (final draft)
Nov – Dec 2013 Arguments for / against General Plan filed with County elections office
Jan – Feb 2014 Publicity Pamphlets for General Plan to all households
March 2014 Voter ratification of General Plan (Regional Plan)

2 thoughts on “Schedule

  1. Please include me in Regional Plan e-mail information. I am especially interested in
    downtown, neighborhood, mixed use and redevelopment issues. Please e-mail to me a
    2010 current meeting schedule.

    Thank you and best wishes, Charlotte Welch

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